Waldorf Soup and a Blogging Break


So the time and space for blogging has been a bit thin on the ground recently, and I think it’s going to get a whole heap worse before it gets any better. It’s all well and good planning your ideal kitchen but somehow I underestimated the preceding chaos. And that’s saying something considering the background chaos that we’re used to dealing with around here, believe me. So for the next couple of weeks or so (fingers crossed) simple is the name of the game.  Don’t even ask about the couple of weeks after that.

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Lazy One Pot Chicken and Rice


There is just something about this time of year that makes me want to keep serving up steaming pots of stews and casseroles. Preferably with loads of autumnal veg and definitely my fair share of carbs. I’m not sure why really. It hasn’t even got that cold yet but I for one am all about some comfort food right now. I could eat it all day; the only problem is finding the time to make it all. But that’s where this recipe comes in.

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Chick Pea, Potato and Physalis Curry


Physalis, that tiny paper covered cousin of the tomato is back. If you like a tart little treat you’ll be relishing them just as they are, minus their papery cases (that goes without saying) but if you’re like me, you’ll be looking at them, sitting there looking more than reminiscent of their Mexican cousin the tomatillo, thinking they must have so much more to offer other than the traditional pies and flans. And as there’s nothing like putting a good theory to the test, that’s just what I did. 

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Spiced Damson Cheese


Like I’ve said before this is the time of year that really makes me feel like a culinary throw back to the days long gone; if not quite medieval then definitely pre-refrigerators. The desire to preserve anything and everything is strong and, I’m not going to lie to you, gets a bit stressful at times. Well, for me anyway. The problem is that everything makes an appearance at once and stays at its best for such a short window. Damsons are no exception.

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Apple and Cinnamon Doughnuts


So today I have something a bit different for you. I’ve been linking up recently with a US based blogger Becky, whose blog, ‘quinoa and cookies’, you can read here. Becky has been diagnosed with coeliac disease and blogs about delicious coeliac friendly foods, as well as a great feature; around the world in 26 meals.  As we both have a similar love of food, and approach to the kitchen, we thought it’d be fun to each have a shot at one of each other’s recipes and blog about how we got on.

Now, from the moment we had this idea, I had my heart set on making one of her round the world meals and had even narrowed it down to one of two choices: the Malawian polenta cakes with wilted kale or the Norwegian meatballs, but that was before my boys got wind of the idea.  After they checked out the list and once they’d seen the apple cider doughnuts recipe I had lost. Doughnuts it was, although it was a close call between them and the brown sugar toffee cookies which, I have to agree with them, do sound perfect as a quick dessert sandwiched together with some ice cream. Continue reading

Pumpkin Treats

This week I had what I considered to be a bit of a brainwave. Although I’m sure it has probably occurred to other people before, it hadn’t occurred to me so I was pretty excited about trying it out. And I’m pleased to report it was a roaring success, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Continue reading

Bavarian Inspired Cabbage


A few things have been going on here this week (as usual), a broken arm being just one of them (fortunately not as usual). In my house that means trying eat as well as we can to keep those calcium levels up, and eating leafy green vegetables are one of the best ways to do just that. Luckily it’s just the right time of year to be able to gorge yourself on them, should you choose to. Continue reading

Meat Free Monday Mushroom with Leek and Truffle Risotto.


I often think that, if you trying to reduce the amount of meat that you eat, a good alternative is to add mushrooms to your diet, especially if paired with my favourite store cupboard essential; beans. Mushrooms are, of course everywhere right now, spreading across fields and lawns alike. Even I’m not brave enough to go out and try foraging for mushrooms however, nor would I recommend that you try it, unless you are really (and I mean really) experienced and know what you are looking for. If you are lucky enough like me (or unlucky enough depending on which way the wind is blowing- the smell really has to be smelled to be believed) you’ll have a pretty limitless supply of local varieties anyway, but if not you still shouldn’t have to look too far. Dare I say it, even supermarkets seem to have cottoned on to the benefits of selling a wide range of locally grown mushrooms. Continue reading

Simply Sloe


I’m not a botany expert, but the long, hot sumer (at least by English standards) that we have enjoyed this year, mixed with an exceptionally mild and sunny autumn seems to have lead to a bumper berry harvest this year. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already made the best of the blackberries, hawthorn and rose hips that my hedgerows have to offer and now is the time for sloes to come into their own. Continue reading

Mid Week Mushroom and Kale Hash


Sometimes you don’t have the time for the long, slow cooking that a lot of the comfort food we crave around this time of year needs, but we still want something that fits that bill anyway. Well, I know I do.  And all the ingredients that are at their best this time all point that way as well. Kale, in all its guises, (Dino, cavolo nero, curly to name just a few) is one such ingredient. It will stand up to a bit more robust cooking than a lot of other leafy greens, but can be cooked more quickly and goes together perfectly with beans, lentils or mushrooms to produce a perfect autumn supper. Continue reading