Store Cupboard Sauerkraut Supper


Good, raw (i.e. organic and unpasteurised) sauerkraut is one of those ingredients that a well stocked kitchen shouldn’t be long without. Particularly at this immune draining time of year. I admit, it took me a while to get into it, but living with a German (in Germany for quite a while) meant get into it I did and I haven’t looked back. Continue reading

Chocolate Chia Vegan Cake Bites


I’ve always supported schools teaching children about good food; not just what it is, but how to prepare it too and since my boys have got to an age when they are preparing real meals, I’m even more of an advocate. I get the night off, you see. I do love to cook but when one of them is ‘in charge’ of the meal (please note meal, not kitchen. Learning to appreciate and cook good food has not yet extended itself to clean kitchen appreciation, but everything is bearable after a good meal, so I’m not complaining. Yet.) it leaves me with time to potter. Potter and experiment and later to sample.

Continue reading

Pink Pesto


Living, as I do, with four males and only one other girl, there is very little pink in our house. And the closest the boys would usually get to pink food would be how they’d like their steaks cooked. This meal, I’m happy to report, is quick and easy to make, has no steak on the horizon but is unashamedly pink!  It also conveniently uses up the last of my winter red cabbages, without serving up any more of the stuff braised.  Delicious of course, but Christmas is over now. It’s time for a change. Continue reading

Marvellous Meatfree Moroccan Tagine


There are a couple of spice mixes that I am really into right now; Za’atar, a middle Eastern sumac based spice mix and the Moroccan essential ras el hanout. Well, I say right now. The love in has been going on for at least a year, and shows no sign of abating yet. I use za’atar in just about anything you can think of, from salad dressings to hummus, to cheese on toast, in a marinade for meat or a coating for roasting veggies. Try it, you’ll notice the possibilities are endless. But it is at this time of year that, for me at least, the warming, fragrant ras el hanout comes into its own. Continue reading

Spicy Roots Rosti with Spanish Inspired Baked Eggs


My veg box gets delivered on a Tuesday, and although most of last week’s is usually used up in the cupboard cull that constitutes a weekend in my house, I’m sometimes left with some hangers on come Monday. Of course, soup is always a very respectable option (and usually a popular one at this time of year) but sometimes you just want something that you can sink your teeth into. This is where this recipe comes into its own. Continue reading

Superb Sicilian Inspired Store Cupboard Sardine and Fennel Penne


So we’re really hitting the difficult patch of the year now, when most of us start to desperately crave something other than root veg. Don’t get me wrong, I love the versatility of root vegetables, but in order to get through the winter without cracking and resorting to ditching the efforts to eat seasonally, we do need to have a few dishes in our repertoire that, whilst making the most of what’s available right now, also allows our store cupboard to come into its own. Continue reading

Back to Basics Bone Marrow Stew


There are many things that are best left consigned to the past. Certain ideologies, the song Agadoo and tie dying to name but three, but that formerly celebrated ingredient, bone marrow, should definitely not be one. An ingredient that used to be sought after and fed to our children and convalescents, bone marrow use has fallen by the wayside in recent years at the same time as food waste has risen. Intensive farming has left us with the choice of whatever cut of meat we desire, whenever we desire it, and even vacuum packed to avoid any inconvenience to us. Any body parts that remind us that we are eating an animal (farmed exclusively to provide us with meat) such as the offal and the bones seem to be conveniently kept out of sight. Continue reading

Meatfree Monday Mulligatawny


If you’re feeling like I do this morning, you will have woken up to the first Monday back after New Years (which always seems like a far more reasonable day to start any life changing resolutions to me) and decided that today is the day to get everything back On Track. Believe me, two lovely weeks of doing the rounds of our friends and family satisfies anyone’s cravings for big, flamboyant meals so now, for us at least, it’s time for some tasty, satisfying and above all simpler (and perhaps smaller?) home cooked meals. Continue reading

Lucky Lentils


So it’s that time of year again, when we start to look forward to our  potentially better, thinner, healthier selves. Lists will be compiled, resolutions will be made. It doesn’t hurt that we’re all probably still bloated from the big Christmas blow out, but before we commit to a complete life overhaul, there’s usually time for one last over-indulgence; New Year’s Eve. Continue reading