Tuna Carpaccio with Orange and Pomegranate Salad

There’s nothing like a summer holiday for making me feel like my body is a temple (and no, not to Bacchus). Who knows, perhaps you feel like that constantly if you live in a tropical paradise. Perhaps the urge to hunker down and survive off stews and stodgy puddings never comes. And conversely perhaps if you hail from colder climes lighter fare such as today’s fruity salad are an anathema to you. But the point is, I don’t. And I rather like the way the seasons change where I’m from (sometimes as much as all in one day in the UK but that’s beside the point) bringing with them endless opportunities to mess around with meals.

Fresh tuna should be one of a lazy chef’s favorite ingredients because you hardly have to do anything to it. In fact, I rather think it is better if you do nothing to it at all, but that might be just me.  I suppose if that’s a step too far for you, or you can’t lay your hands on fresh enough fish you could always sear it on a hot griddle them slice it up thinly or buy some lightly smoked tuna slices.  Either way do not scrimp on the oranges and pomegranate juice even if fruit in a salad is another step too far for you. The citrusy acidity cuts through the fish to perfection to make this one of the most moreish salads you’ll ever have eaten. With the added benefit that you really can have more and still get into your bikini.

Tuna Carpaccio with Rocket and Orange Pomegranate Salad.

Serves 2:

100ml pomegranate juice (your choice whether you make it from fresh yourself)

A good tbsp of good quality orange juice

200g sushi quality tuna sliced as thinly as possible (or see above for alternatives)

100g fresh rocket leaves (or other spicy salad leaves as I had to use for the above photo!)

A tbsp or so of fresh shredded basil

1 large fresh orange

Sea salt

Start by bringing the pomegranate juice to the boil and reduce in it by about half until you have a syrup. Leave to cool.

When the syrup is cool enough, mix with the orange juice and any juice that came out of the segments.

Arrange the rocket and basil on a plate then peel the orange.

Cut each segment into three or four and reserve any juice that oozes out.

Throw the orange over the salad leaves then top with the tuna slices. Arrange as you see fit but I like mine in loose rolls.

Drizzle the dressing over and sprinkle with sea salt crystals. Enjoy!


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