Simple and Scrumptious Mango and Avocado Vegan Ice Cream


Every so often a few culinary planets align and something magical happens on even the most mundane and boring days. One such moment happened last week. I had a perfectly ripe avocado. Only one.  And a perfectly ripe mango. Now I can always find a home for a perfectly ripe mango but only one avocado is slightly harder. In a family our size we need at least two so we can get stuck into some guacamole but waiting for another one to catch up never seems to work for me. Even with the help of the revered brown paper bag and over ripe banana. Of course there was always the option of devouring it mashed on wholemeal toast with some roasted tomatoes (one of my favourites) before anyone got home but I was feeling magnanimous. And summery. A winning combination. The avocado and mango ice cream idea was born.

Avocado is a great little fruit. It has a gorgeously creamy texture which makes it a perfect dairy substitute and as it’s full of fats (but the right kind) you really don’t notice the switch. It’s also loaded with fibre, and vitamins such as E, C, K and B vitamins. Why it doesn’t crop up more often in ice creams is beyond me. Instead of standing round for hours preparing a perfect vanilla custard then churning it up, avocado just needs a few minutes in the blender to turn it into the perfect ice cream base. I can see I’ll be on a mission now to try it with other fruit combinations and dare I say it; chocolate (so don’t say I didn’t warn you) but this week it was mango’s turn in the spotlight. The result was sweet and creamy; just as ice cream should be but with half the amount of effort and far more healthy reasons to eat more of it. It didn’t even need that much churning. Now I do have an ice cream maker, the type with the large bowl that you store in the freezer, only to get out when your aforementioned perfectly prepared custard is ready to be churned and chilled. It’s great (honestly), but in the interests of full disclosure I have to confess to getting it out probably twice a year. If that. So this week I gave it one of its few and far between outings, but I can honestly say that it was not strictly speaking necessary. I got equally great results freezing some in popsicle moulds. The jury is still out on which way we preferred. I know I loved mine in a bowl with some raspberry coulis drizzled over the top but the children took a more grab and go approach. Not altogether unusual. Either way you chose it makes a delicious guilt free summer treat that will be polished off in almost as little time as it took to make. Now I just need to get another ripe avocado past the Friday night guacamole cravings so I can get sampling some more combinations.

Mango and Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

Serves 6-8:

1 perfectly ripe mango

1 perfectly ripe avocado

3 tbsps icing sugar (or to taste)

250 ml oat milk (although almond and possibly coconut would also be good here)

juice of one lime

Put all of your ingredients into a blender, starting with the liquids and blitz.

Either pour into popsicle moulds or into a large freezable tub then freeze . Break up ice crystals every half hour or so by stirring vigorously (or use your ice cream maker)

Serve when fully frozen. Enjoy!


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