Chocolate Teff and Banana Muffins


We don’t often have a lot of leftover bananas in my house despite the fact that two thirds of the family don’t eat them. Well not as they come at least. Never-the-less they all seem to go, but as they say the exception only proves the rule and every so often I do find a couple that seem to slip through the net. My go to recipe for those unappetizing, slightly black or spotty ones is a gorgeously moist carrot cake, dusted on top with a thin layer of cinnamon and topped by a vanilla cream cheese icing. Isn’t it everyone’s? However, sometimes I like to ring the changes and yesterday was one of those times. Mostly brought about by not having any carrots until the veg man came later, but necessity is the mother of invention after all.

I am all about trying to make sure that we eat food that is, if not nutritionally super charged, then certainly as nutritious as it possibly can be, and in that spirit I’m using as much teff flour as possible at the moment. I’ve already talked about the benefits of eating more teff here, but in this recipe I also switched the normal wheat flour for spelt flour. Spelt, an ancient grain, is a relative of wheat but one that our bodies are said to recognise as food and as a result should be easier on the digestive system, Your choice whether you use whole grain or not. I like mix of both, in equal quantities. Frankly, with the dark colour from the cocoa, teff and brown sugar I can’t see that you notice, but I know that that suggestion will have some people running for the hills crying that this will sacrifice the light, fluffy texture of their muffins but I can assure you it doesn’t. Give it a try, your digestive system will thank you for the extra fibre and it’s always good to still be full half an hour after eating a muffin; you won’t be if you make a lower fibre version.
Finally, I’ve kept the sugar content quite low in this recipe and used a light brown sugar. Try it this way first before you change it, I think with the bananas it is sweet enough; it’s just our tastes have become desensitised to sugar nowadays and as a result we crave higher and higher levels. You might not get that instant hit, closely followed by the high (and the inevitable crash!), but they will hit the spot never-the-less; trust me.

Chocolate Teff Banana Muffins

Makes 24 muffins (unusual I know, but I like to have some for the freezer!)

Dry ingredients:

250g spelt flour (use a mix of wholemeal and white)

175g teff

75g cocoa

3 tsp baking powder

1tsp bicarb

1 tsp mix if ground cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg or use german lebkuchen spice if you can get it.

200g light brown sugar

pinch salt

4 ripe bananas

Wet ingredients:

4 beaten eggs

150g melted butter

250ml milk

2 tsp vanilla extract

Topping ingredients:

150g cream cheese

25g honey

Line a muffin tin with paper cases and preheat the oven to 180 deg. C.

Sieve your dry ingredients together into a big bowl. Then mash your bananas and roughly mix them through the dry ingredients.

Beat together the cooled melted butter, milk, eggs and vanilla extract.

Lightly mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients using a fork, then prepare the cream cheese topping by beating the cream cheese and honey together.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin.

Using a teaspoon, make a small well in the centre of each muffin, and then put a small teaspoon full of filling into each well.

Bake in the preheated oven for around 20 minutes, until they are well risen and springy to touch.

Enjoy with a nice cup of tea or as part of a delicious weekend breakfast!


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