Honey Suckle Body Scrub


So a while ago, I was looking at the lovely honey suckle growing up the side of my house and  thinking about how it grows like a weed and keeps on flowering. I thought there must be something I could do with it, so I had a quick look around.

Now honey suckle has been used for a long time to treat skin rashes and also minor skin infections, but it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, the essential oil is about £5 for 5 ml, so I thought I’d have a shot at making it myself. It was pretty easy, and I think I’ll try the same method again with other flower petals.

Take a cup of the blossoms that you have chosen to use, and crush gently with a rolling pin. You just want to break them up slightly, not make a mush, so that the essential oil can escape. Place the flowers in a wide mouthed jar, with a screw top.

Next, warm a cup full of a light oil (grape seed, light olive oil) gently and then pour it over the flowers. Seal your jar, and leave to infuse in a dark place for a couple of months. Once it is ready, strain it and bottle your oil ready for your skin care.

To make the scrub, all you need to do is take one part oil and mix with two parts salt. Mix well and then use!


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