Summer Porridge


So this is a good one. I love porridge. I’m sure, that apart from a poached egg, it has got to be one of the cheapest and healthiest breakfasts out there. The problem is, I absolutely never fancy it in summer. Which leaves me stuck with fruit and yoghurt, or resorting to highly processed (yes, even the healthy ones) store brought cereals. I love to take advantage of the gorgeous fresh fruit that is on offer in the summer but I need something a bit more to get me through the morning, and to feel like I’m getting enough fibre. However, when I eat porridge in the winter I do wonder whether I’m getting the right amount of calcium/ protein that I should be getting. It is a dilemma.
Well, my solution this summer has been to make this summer oatmeal/ porridge. You may have heard of it. Basically you mix porridge oats with milk, leave them overnight or for at least 12 hours in the fridge, at which point they turn into the most creamily delicious porridge that you have ever tasted. I like them mixed up the next day with banana, ripe nectarine and some honey like figs. My children like a teaspoon of local honey as well, and I don’t see a problem with that. Apart from the obvious one, and that is that we are still calling it cold porridge, which is not the most appetizing of names, but at least it’s not gruel.
Most recipes you’ll find will suggest adding the fruit when you make it, but I think that reduces it’s shelf life, and the benefits of the fruit. So I suggest the following:

For two servings of cold porridge

Mix one cup of porridge oats with one cup of milk (I use semi skimmed but feel free to experiment with other non diary milk, almond would be good) and leave for 12 hours to do its magic overnight in the fridge.

Serve with flaked almonds, flax seeds and a lovely mix of whatever fruit is on hand. Keeps a good few days in the fridge, if you don’t eat it.

Health benefits:

Oats are full of insoluble fibre, which helps to reduce your risk of bowel cancer.

The milk will fill you up longer than normal porridge, as it is full of protein, as well as vitamins A, D, B12, and B2, and if you chop up a couple of pieces of fruit in there, you’ll be getting even more.


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